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Hi Alper.

I called you yesterday to discuss this, but you didn’t return my call.


If there is an issue with our hairpieces we request that you either call or make an appointment so we can resolve the issue.


We are one of Australia’s largest hair piece suppliers and send to other hair piece companies in different States of Australia. These are companies run by hair piece professionals, their ongoing business and the fact that we are booked out a week or two in advance, with repeat clients, is evidence that are hairpieces are high quality, affordable and reliable.


I commend people for leaving reviews.


But I don’t adhere to people using reviews in order to threaten a negative outcome unless there is an exchange of money.


This is extortion.


Ive noted you have left multiple negative reviews for other businesses. Did you also threaten them with a poor review unless they gave you money?


As Im unable to post photos to the response, Ive created a page on my site, to show our previous correspondence for transparencies sake. This shows how happy you were with the hairpiece and haircut a few days after the fitting, and also shows your attempt to garner money from me.


Anyone can read the correspondence here:


They can also read a blog on Revenge Review I wrote a few months ago:  



As stated above, we sell to other hair replacement establishments and have an ongoing customer base.


I have been using the same Manufacturer for years and he supplies hairpieces based on specific requirements of hair quality, density, and base dimensions. 


The 70 pages of our site is evidence to hundreds of happy clients, as are our reviews.


In your text you said you only washed your hair once a month. I replied that this will damage the hair, as it is like wearing the same article of clothing 7 days a week, for 24 hours and not washing it. I stated that you need to wash your hair once a week. This is also in the instructional booklet you were given with the hair piece fitting. 


You then changed your story to be washing it once a week, which is now what you have put in your review.


Im inclined to believe your first statement is fact and your adjust washing schedule is fiction, in order to adhere to our recommended hair care regime.  


“and conditioner once in every few days as well.” I don’t understand this sentence, are you putting Conditioner in every few days and not washing it out? This will lead to build up and cause friction when combing the hair and damage the hairpiece. 



Our hairdresser is a hairpiece expert and has clients flying in each month for their rebonds from other States. In the Whatsapp message you sent after the fitting you were happy with the entire presentation.



We have no control over how the bond will take to a particular scalp. I mentioned this to you in the Whatsapp message. The tape we use is called 30 Day Tape, and for the bulk of our clients it works for 30 days. 


Most clients come here each month for a rebond, obviously they would be coming at shorter intervals if the bond doesn’t live up to the expectations. Having said that, the more you sweat, and the more oily your scalp is, then the quicker the bond will break down. 


Some clients get two weeks, others get five weeks. On average it lasts one month. Once again, we have no control on how the adhesive will work for each client.


As someone who has been wearing hairpieces for several decades, I believe the tape we provide is the strongest and most suited to Australian conditions. 


Very, Very Expensive.

We are proud to offer high quality mens hairpieces for $800, plus a fitting fee. Price is subjective. I tell my clients that they should budget for one to two hairpieces per year. If they cant afford this then they shouldn’t be investing in a hairpiece. 


Our largest competitor in Australia is selling hairpieces for more than $2000 each. We have another competitor in Melbourne who sell hairpieces for $9000.


Many of our clients are young men in their early 20s and we are very proud to offer our hairpieces at entry level prices. 


“I sent a message to the owner and he did not care at all. ”

I care deeply about all of my clients, In fact I offer a free consolation to ensure we can genuinely make the client happy. We also offer a rebond after several weeks to ensure the client is looking after the hairpiece to maximise it’s lifespan 


You texted me at 6.46pm on Wednesday night, when we were closed. I immediately texted back that I will message other clients who purchased at the same time as you, to see if there was a wide spread problem.


Thursday was a public holiday. Nonetheless, I called you to discuss your concerns. You didn’t answer my call.


Today is Friday. If I didn’t care, then I would not have responded, instead I would have just arranged to have google remove the negative review.


Im very sorry you feel the quality of the hairpiece isn’t meeting your expectations. I suspect it is because you aren’t adhering to our care instructions and haven’t come in for the rebond.


Please feel free to give me a call so we can resolve this issue. 


Kind regards Scott 

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