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SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION: What is the Best Hair Length? 

This is a popular question that we receive for clients coming to our Brisbane and Sydney, Australia, clinics for their free SMP consult. 

The answer varies based on how much hair they actually have.

For most of my clients that have advanced male pattern baldness and so have hair at the sides of their scalp and also at the back. It forms a C shape or horse shoe shape running from ear to ear. These clients normally do a wet shave or clipper their hair so it is short and the hair tattoo looks incredible with this look.

Scalp Tattooing or Scalp Micropigmentation is the replication of fresh stubble, not of longer hair. The SMP artist is adding thousands of tiny dots to the hair loss area to mimic ultra short hair or stubble. The more dots or replica hairs we add, the thicker the density and the less of the scalp we are able to see.

For most of our clients, who have on set male pattern hair loss, they clipper a few times a week with just a beard or hair trimmer and this keeps the hair tattoo and their biological hair looking consistent.  

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This isn't the case for all clients though. We have some male clients who have had successful hair transplants or who have fine or thinning hair and so they are able to grow their hair out, or keep it longer.

I am very honest though, and I tell them that the SMP is a 1 dimensional tattoo, where as their hair is 3 dimensional. The longer the hair then the lighter the pigment can often appear. 

Most of these male clients keep their a few cm or inches in length and we find that the hair tattoo is able to give the appearance of thicker hair. Ultimately this is because the smp is taking away the colour of the scalp, so their flesh tone isn't shining through, instead a darker colour is complimenting the appearance and making their hair look fuller.

For the guys with longer hair, that is thin, I find that the hair can part or seperate much easier than shorter hair and it can expose the scalp, which isn't ideal.

SMP is a wonderful hair loss treatment and we've done many of treatments for Brisbane and Sydney clients over the past few years. We always want our clients to look their best. Going bald can be stressful enough but having unrealistic expectations about SMP and how it will appear, can also be stressful.

Miriam, in our brisbane Scalp Micropigmentation location recently worked on a client who had a successful hair transplant and not only used SMP to disguise the FUE scar, but also to give the appearance of more volume to his hair. See you can see how we use SMP to disguise the skin tone to add the appearance of thicker hair. 

We offer free, no hassle consultations at our Sydney clinic and this is an excellent way to determine the best hair length if you choose to get SMP. 

You can contact us on 0439 558 835 for a free Brisbane or Sydney consultation. 

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