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Best Sun Protection for Scalp Micropigmentation in Sydney’s Summer

Getting a hair loss treatment such as a FUE Transplant, Semi Permanent Hair Piece or Scalp Milcropigmentation is a major undertaking and maintaining your investment is essential. One of the most frequent questions we are asked at our Brisbane and Sydney Hair Loss clinics, relates to how to maintain the SMP or Scalp Hair Tattoo in our harsh climate.


SMP is a technique of cosmetic tattooing where we add thousands of tiny micro perforations that replicate fresh stubble. Each dot is designed to look like freshly shaved stubble and when matched to the clients own hair density and colour, it can look seamlessly like he has a full head of hair. 


Like all tattoos, the immediate aftercare following the treatment is essential. We recommend no excessive sweating for a week following each treatment, don’t stand with your scalp directly under a shower Jett for a week and avoid salt water and chlorinated water for a month. Long term the best way to maintain the colour of the treatment is by good sun protection, either any wearing a broad rimmed hat or cap for prolonged periods in the sun, or using a sun block.


We use a black pigment with our Scalp Micropigmentation, and Summers in Brisbane and Sydney can be particularly scorching so we strongly recommend using a sun protection that best suits you.


We generally recommend strong UV rated Sunblock with moisturising component, these can come in cream or spray for. 


One of the top performers that our clients have used, with success is the Australian Cancer Council Moisturising Sunblock SPF50+  (part of the sale of each of these is also put back into charity, which is great). 


Another popular Sunscreen is Dermalogica Oil Free Matte Sunscreen. This a SPF 30 but a lot of my clients loved the “oil free” component of the sunblock.


The third choice that some of my clients have made is with Neutrogena Ultra Dry-Touch sunscreen SPF, in particular they like that is absorbed into the skin easily and has a nice dry feel.


As a guy with very fair skin, I still prefer to combine sunblock with shade and protective SunSmart clothes but getting shade at the beach in Sydney can be a bit of a challenge so I defiantly rely on a decent sunblock too.


My recommendation for all clients is to really protect their investment, the SMP can cost thousands of dollars and it is easy to take it for granted once it’s settled, and I always encourage my clients to make the hair tattoo effect last as long as possible, so using a hat and sunblock is defiantly the way to go, when protecting the head through a summer outing. 

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