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The lifespan of a clients Scalp Micropigmentation is always a question we get asked at the free consultations we offer in our Brisbane and Sydney SMP Clinics.

The answer varies from client to client. 

When doing SMP, Miriam and Scott always use an ultra fine cosmetic tattooing needle for the hair tattoo. It is similar in size to an actual hair follicle so we require thousands of tiny dot to achieve a similar coverage to what a person had before they started to experience hair loss. 

The more dots we do, the more colour the clients have and the longer it lasts.

As this is cosmetic tattooing and not body art tattooing, we are only going .05mm into the epidermis, barely touch the skin. Each dot is done within a second, as the artist is withdrawing the needle as soon as we touch the skin. 

I liken the experience to painting a wall. Session one is like an undercoat, where we are painting the undercoat on plasterboard. The objective is to take away the colour of the skin In a 1 cm area we do maybe two dozen dots.


Then in session two we go in between each dot, doubling the density and giving a more fuller appearance of replica stubble.

Most of our clients go for our Intro Package which is 2 full day sessions with a free touch up in one month then another free touch up in 12 months, this extends the life of the SMP as it is a lot of hours of work. 

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Most of our clients have a lifespan of approximately 5 years from this package, then they just need an hour to two hour touch up.

For clients who want a lighter density and just go for one session, it may only last a few years as we are limited in how many tiny dots we are adding to the hair loss area. 

Other factors that we consider is after car. Protecting the hair tattoo from the harsh sun in Sydney, especially during summer, is very important. Tanning the skin will fade any type of tattoo, and especially a cosmetic tattoo.

Likewise we recommend using hair clippers for regularly trimming the hair, we don’t encourage clients to do a wet shave with a razor as this will affect the top layer of the epidermis and gradually diminish the effect of the scalp micro pigmentation

SMP is a great hair loss solution, and it is a considerable investment, so we recommend really protecting the treatment with good sun protection, and factoring in touch ups once you see it start to fade. Remember, the more dots we do, the fuller the effect and the anger it lasts so often the client is better off buying a package that includes some touch ups rather than needing to pay for touch ups at a later date. 

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