At Replique Clinics in Sydney and Brisbane we help men and women who are experiencing hair loss.
Women experience thinning hair, hair loss and challenges with hair regrowth for many different causes.
Sometimes it is due to medical reasons, or as a reaction to medication or often it is simply genetics. While the amount of women suffering hairloss is lower than men experiencing male pattern baldness, it can affect them in many ways.

We have had great success doing Scalp Micropigmentation, or a cosmetic hair tattoo in our Sydney and Brisbane clinics for women. Many have come for us to completely fill in the thinning area of the scalp. Wile others are troubled by a hairline that requires more density.

We always use a black Scalp Micropigmentation pigment, that we then dilute based on each client’s skin colour, hair color and personal preference. This is a fantastic way to effectively take away the colour of the scalp and give the appearance of a thicker head of hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation for women Sydney
Sydney Brisbane Scalp Micropigmentation

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Direct message or call Scott in Sydney on 0439 558 835 or Steve in Brisbane on 0498 988 131 for a friendly chat.

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Many believe that only men experience a receding hairline, but many women also have a hairline that is thinning or has very fine hairs that simply don’t give the volume that they require and so hairline Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent way for women to add a darker tone to their skin and give the appearance of a thicker hairline.

Scalp Micropigmentation Sydney Brisbane

The Senior Artists at our Scalp Micropigmentation clinics in Sydney and Brisbane have a wealth of experience in doing subtle but effective Scalp Micropigmentation on Women. We believe that it is essential to deliver solid results and so always offer a free consultation and patch test so each client can be involved in the design process of determining the most accurate pigment blend to use aswell as being able to show how incredibly fine each tiny Scalp Micropigmentation dot is, and how it compares with the biological follicles.  

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