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Is Scalp Micropigmentation Right For You?

As the owner of a Male Anti Aging clinic in Sydney I've done thousands of consultations for different procedures, mainly for hair loss solutions.

At Replique we've been doing SMP or hair tattoos since 2016 and have done countless treatments for partial and full male pattern baldness coverage.

Many guys assume Im using the consult as a sales opportunity, but over the years Ive learnt that it's actually better served as a screening process, for myself and the potential client.

A Consult is an excellent way to check out the facilities, meet the artist and discuss your expectations, and its an essential opportunity for the artist to asses whether we can truely meet your expectations.

While SMP is amazing, it's simply not great for everyone.

A hair tattoo is perhaps better described as a stubble tattoo, it is after all the careful recreation of super short hairs, so it looks like fresh stubble.

I tell clients to imagine if they had shaved at 7.00am and by 5.00pm they had a soft stubble coming through, that is what SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation looks like.

In our Sydney and Brisbane Clinics we get clients from all ages, vocations and demographics.

We have hair loss treatments that vary from Subtle to Sensational and part of my role is to learn about the client, his comfort level in getting a noticeable hair loss solution, and guide him to what I think would work best for him.


Just last week I had a young couple in for a consolation and they were actually interested in a hair piece so they groom would look fantastic on his Wedding Day but as we continued chatting I could sense how nervous he was going from "zero to hero" as he put it.

A hair piece is amazing, but we caution many guys to not invest in one if they are concerned about going from advanced male pattern baldness to the best hair of their lives.

For this couple we decided that SMP is the right way to go as the groom will still have the appearance of a short but fuller head of fresh stubble, without the unwanted questions that he may have expereinced if he were to go from hair loss to a hair piece.

So what should you consider when deciding if SMP is right for you?

Will you be happy with the shaved or super short hair look for the next three to ten years?

Do you actually want longer hair and are up for the challenge of maintenance and cost of a hair piece or a hair transplant?

Do you look good with a shaved head?

Do you have health issues that might prevent you from receiving cosmetic tattoos?

Will you be able to commit to clipping your hair a few times a week to keep the SMP look consistent with your biological hair?

These are all the important types of questions we discuss at our free consultations in our Sydney clinic as getting SMP might be excellent for many guys (indeed all of our clients love their look) but we encourage you to really think about it before taking the plunge.  

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