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Want lean muscle mass?  Need finer muscle definition?
Can't move stubborn pockets of fat?
Get results! with Replique's cutting edge EMS4 body sculpting.
EMS4 Body Sculpting
  • Build Muscle
  • Create Definition
  • Reduce Fat
  • No workout
  • No Sweat
  • No Downtime
  • Non Surgical
  • Pain Free

EMS4 body sculpting like Emsculpt will build muscle and burn fat simultaneously while you relax. No sweat required. 

EMS4 uses HIEMT- High intensity electromagnetic technology that causes powerful supramaximal muscle contractions which in one 30 minute session will achieve the equivalent of 20 000 sit ups or squats, far exceeding what can be done in a voluntary work out session. 

Body Contouring, Gain Mass, Loose Belly Fat

How Does EMS4 Work?


HIEMT technology used by EMS4 & other models like Emsculpt, induce intense supramaximal muscle contractions, which contract 100% of the muscle, an unobtainable achievement in a normal workout. The result is an average 16% increase in muscle mass. 


Due to the powerful nature of these contractions, the muscles release chemicals that cause localised fat cells to break down and discharge large amounts of fatty acides. The fatty acides in turn overcome the fat cell leading to its malfunction and death. The expired fat cells are metabolised and excreted from the body resulting in an average 19% decrease in body fat. 

 Body Sculpting Special
Save $400!
Buy 4 sessions & get 1 FREE!
4 x 30min sessions for $1000.
All 4 sessions must be booked & taken before 28 August 2021
Body Sculpting is only available at our Sydney Clinic.
Fat Freezing, Cool Sculpting Alternative
" An EMS4 session of HIEMT feels like a vigorous workout except your not out of breath, your not sweaty, your lying down relaxing on a treatment table. It's as easy as that. It feels quite strange at first. Unnatural, but after the first 10 minutes you get used the sensation of the muscle contractions. "


Does EMS4 help you to gain mass? As well as being an effective fat loss treatment, EMS4 will also promote muscle growth, with the average results being a 19% increase in lean muscle mass. EMS4 can assist you to build muscle and lose fat. For those wanting to bulk up & build muscle fast we would recommend combing HIEMT treatments with body building diets and muscle building workouts. 

After one body sculpting session at our Brisbane clinic you will FEEL results, similar to those felt after a normal workout. 

To get the best outcome we recommend four EMS4 sessions taken within two to four days of each other. Physical results will appear over a two to four week period after the last session. 

For greater affect and long lasting returns, combine HIEMT sessions with regular exercise and a healthy diet. 

Best Way To Gain Muscle, Get Rid Of Those Love Handles

Will EMS4 help get rid of love handles? We all want to loose those love handles, however using exercise alone to loose belly fat isn't always effective. Sometimes enduring fat burning workouts and eating healthy meals for weight loss just isn't enough to move that lower belly fat. EMS4 sessions can result in a 16% decrease in fat without the need for cross training, cross fit or a reliance on fat burning foods. Of course combine all three strategies, diet, exercise and EMS4 sessions for the best chance of building muscle while loosing stubborn pockets of fat.

What parts of the body does EMS4 work on? EMS4 can be used for muscle gain and fat loss on most parts of the body. If your looking for a booty builder, abdominal sculpting or assistance to loose belly fat and build a strong lean core, then EMS4 is an ideal addition to your usual fitness or health routine. EMS4 can also be used on arms, inner thighs, neck & chin anywhere that you need a bit of extra support to realise your desired results. 

How does EMS4 differ from other types of body sculpting treatments? There are a number of elite body contouring procedures available. Cool sculpting, also known as cryolipolysis or fat freezing, uses low temperatures to freeze fat cells. Cryo fat freezing treatments generally cost more than HIEMT, sometimes by a few hundred dollars, however the major benefit that HIEMT has over cool sculpting is that it burns fat AND builds muscle whereas cool sculpting only freezes fat away, it does not build muscle mass or definition. HIEMT gives you both results in one treatment for a similar outlay. 

Is EMS4 Emsculpt? BLT's Emsculpt like EMS4, is an electromagnetic stimulation machine brand.

How do you get the best results from EMS4? To get the best results take a holistic approach reach your goals. The best way to loose weight fast, get rid of love handles or increase muscle mass is to combine EMS4 sessions with the best foods and fitness regimes for body building or weight loss. Remember EMS4 achieves both benefits in one session! We recommend 4 sessions taken within two weeks to see great results in your targeted area. 

When will you see the results of 4 sessions of EMS4? There is no downtime needed after an EMS4 session. During the session you will feel the muscle working and the next day you will feel as though you've done a good workout. Visible results will appear 4 - 6 weeks after your fourth HIEMT session. 


Body Sculpting Deal - Get 1 Free Session
Buy 4, Get the 5th FREE!*
4 x 30min Session - $1000
Save $400
*Conditions Apply

Regular Pricing
1 x 30min Session - $400
4 x 30min Sessions - $1600

EMS4 body sculpting is only available at or Sydney Clinic
Body Contouring. Loose Belly Fat.
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How much do EMS4 sessions cost? No other body contouring procedure reduces fat while building muscle, making HIEMT the most cost effective, non surgical body sculpting treatment available. 

Replique Sydney are arguably Sydney's most affordable Body Contouring clinic with a great prepaid specials of $250 per session with the 5th session free!

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