Interested in reversing the signs of Hair loss and Aging?


Scalp Micropigmentation

A Breakthrough Hair Replication Technique

Scalp Micropigmentation is one of the fastest growing hair loss solutions in the World.
It's subtle, stylish, immediate, and affordable.
No Pills. No Potions.

No invasive and worrying Surgery.
It's just a Brilliant, Same Day, Walk In/Walk Out Treatment and you end up with the appearance of a sexy, full head of hair!

Scalp Micropigmentation, incredible hair loss solution. See for yourself...



Replique Scalp Micropigmentation
Replique Scalp Micropigmentation
Replique Scalp Micropigmentation
Replique Scalp Micropigmentation
Replique Scalp Micropigmentation
Replique Scalp Micropigmentation
Replique Scalp Micropigmentation
Interested in reversing the signs of Hair loss and Aging?


“My decision to undertake SMP was not something I did without a lot of prior research. There are multiple sites on the internet including videos that cover the procedure and the expected outcomes. In saying that, the majority of sites reflect US or European practitioners and certainly not Brisbane.  I recommend you do your research before meeting anyone to ensure you know what questions you want answered. I selected 3 possible practitioners to meet and discuss options with.  I organized an initial consultation with Scott Hickman at the Replique Clinic in their Fortitude Valley office. This was a really professional environment, clean, well fitted out and easily accessible from the city.

Scott was truly passionate about the service they provided and his knowledge of SMP was really comforting. We openly discussed the kind of results I wanted and at no time did I feel that he was pressuring me to proceed. I loved their philosophy of a client for life and the fact that I would be able to reach out in future for further treatments if needed.  I left the Replique Clinic that day feeling really comfortable with Scott and his approach to the procedure, most important to me was knowing that he was going to take this as seriously as I was and was truly focused on achieving the results we discussed.

I had 3 treatments for a complete and natural look that I am really happy with. Importantly, Scott was more than happy for my wife to accompany me during the procedures to provide needed support. He was really careful to ensure that the density of my SMP matched my existing hair, the blending of the SMP to your existing hair is really critical and it was clear that Scott took significant care to get this right. The all important hairline was discussed jointly before he commenced work on it and Scott made sure it was really natural and in line with my expectations. Pain wise during the treatments, it was around a 2-3 out of 10. Watching Netflix (in the surgery) whilst Scott is working on your scalp is weirdly relaxing and I found myself regularly trying to avoid falling asleep.

Scott provides really clear instructions on post treatment care and he does regular post check ups to ensure everything is going well as your scalp heals. Biggest thrill is saying goodbye to your naked scalp crown and then on day 5 when you can clipper your scalp and really get a sense of how SMP is going to look for you. Really loved the appearance of a hairline again and the result post my 3rd treatment is fantastic and really natural.

I would really recommend the treatment and the Replique Clinic; Scott Hickman as a practitioner of SMP is really careful to achieve a result that you can be assured will look natural and will meet, or in my case, exceed your expectations. The service pre, during and post procedures is exceptional and it is comforting to know that you can reach out to them in the future when needed."



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