The Furry Facial by the Bearded chap
The beard! Why do they never pay attention to the beard! I was always a bit disappointed back in the day when I rocked a beard and I'd get a male facial treatment and the aesthetician would gingerly work AROUND my beard - my beautiful beard that needed some TLC just as much as my complexion did.
Even back then, when I was in a totally different industry and only had dreams of opening up my own clinic. I knew I wanted to have a facial that not only cleansed and nourished the skin, but also my facial hair - whether it was stubble or a full beard.
When developing the  Furry Facial, I wanted to work with the authority on all things bearded, and was lucky enough to consult with The Bearded Chap himself - Luke Swenson.
As soon as I ran the idea past Luke - he got it. The Bearded Chap is an Australian based company and The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil was Australia's first beard specific product on the market and is now sold in over 41 countries around the World.

The Furry Facial by The Bearded Chap.

One Hour Beard and Facial Indulgence: $120 per treatment


Hot towels, cool atmosphere and chilled vibes...All of the Facial treatments at Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic are designed to Renew, Rewind and Rejuvenate and The Furry Facial by The Bearded Chap is no exception. 
At Replique we're all about having mens facials that are value for money so we pack a lot into the one hour Furry Facial, in fact try to not book a dinner or event directly after as we tend to throw the clock out the window and go over the normal 60 minute period.
The Furry Facial by The Bearded Chap includes a Beard and Facial Oxygen Boost Cleanse, a Soft Radiance Enzymatic Peel, which soothes and hydrates the skin in addition to being a gentle but effective enzymatic exfoliant. This is done in conjunction with a hot steam of the beard to open up the epidermis pores.
Australia’s first beard oil! Designed to stop beardruff and itchy beards while softening the beard making it easier to maintain.
The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil is also the first Beard Oil on the market in the world that contains eleven base and essential oils that combine to make what we believe is the worlds number one beard oil.
Beard oil Bearded chap Brisbane
Then we use an Oxygen Boost Toner to restore the PH balance to the skin. This involve the use of Revitalin, which increases oxygen absorption into the cells. 
During the Plant Stem Cell Reactivation mask, we treat the beard to a Hot Oil treatment, which acts as as a hyper intensive moisturizer for your face while softening the beard hair with a citrus, spicy forest aromas
Beard Balm Bearded chap
The Bearded Chap Original Beard Balm is based on an Old Time formula with a modern twist and is designed for everyday use for the discerning gentlemen who wants to keep their beard and moustache looking their best. It’s Bloody good beard balm for Bloody good beards!
The Furry Facial by the Bearded Chap is concluded with a Pepx Eye Boost and light application of The Bearded Chap Original Beard Balm. The Pepx Eye Boost is an advanced formula with Hyaluronic acid and peptides to protect and hydrate the sensitive skin around the eyes.
The Bearded Chap Original Beard Balm is a brilliant conditioning and styling balm that conditions, protects and styles.