I decided to take the plunge and get my eyebrows and lips tattooed for a number of reasons, probably the most important being that it's a key service of our clinic, and I want to know what my guys go through, and also so they can see the work in the flesh when we meet for a consultation, just so they can see how natural it is. 
The second reason is that my eyebrows and lips have really diminished in colour and strength as Ive aged. Im in my mid 40s now, and when I hit my 30s I really started to notice a change.
A few years ago I started to get my brows tinted. I was nervous at first, but it is my mates salon and I knew he'd do something subtle, just adding the colour back. But no matter how often I got them tinted, it couldn't add to the length or shape of the brows, and that's where feather stroke tattooing is brilliant.
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We use an anaesthetic to numb any pain. It's vital that you communicate with your technician on any pain you are experiencing. Above. Im waiting for mine to kick in (that's the white stuff on my brows). 


"Guybrows! Not Drag Brows!" I said, panicking a bit. Miriam, the Senior Cosmetic Tattoo artist, patiently said "Yes Scott, of course, remember how they looked at the consultation?" 
Miriam is a true professional, and worked previously as a midwife, so she has endless patience for her...patients. Sorry, if there's a pun to be used, you know Im going to use it.  
I looked again at the consultation photos on my phone and felt relief. The consultation was the day earlier, and where Miriam and I had discussed what colour pigment to use on my lips and brows.
I'd only have ventured into offering cosmetic tattooing of lips and brows for men at my Clinic, with someone like Miriam on the team.

Above. here we do the final check of the pigment colour. These are the strokes on my forehead. 

Building in the brows. We use a feather stroke technique, to add volume and subtle texture to the brows. 

Miriam understands that guys want a defined and subtle look to their cosmetic tattooing. Guybrows, not drag brows. we want fuss free brows and lips that give us back a more youthful appearance.   
There aren't many Salons or Beauty Parlours that really specialise is guys, let alone a Male Anti Aging Clinic that does skin improvement, hair loss solutions and cosmetic tattooing. So I feel an incredible responsibility to make sure Replique is a safe and comfortable place, where our consultations and time with clients before the treatments instil confidence and answer any possible question that the client could have. 
Miriam is such a professional and I knew I was in good hands. At the consultation we had discussed what I wanted, in particular I felt that over the years I'd lost hairs from my eyebrows and wanted some structure and definition back. So we decided to fill in the two inner tips (the points that are directly above the bridge of the nose) to give a more masculine finish, and also to add length to the brows by slightly extending the natural reach out, towards the ears. Lengthening the brows really adds to the frame of the face and gives great definition. 


Most guys who visit Replique, want volume and shape back in their lips. At the consultation, Miriam and I selected a pigment that is very similar to my own natural lip colour, avoiding anything too red, we always go with a nude pink shade so it looks natural but is still very effective in making the lips look a bit fuller and more pronounced.
The two most frequent questions Im asked are: will it look natural and how much does it hurt? Yes! It looks natural, just like you've got great juicy fuller lips, and no it doesnt hurt much, once we use a decent anaesthetic and focus on the relaxing music and breathing. Cosmetic tattooing of the lips and eye brows take a few hours each and the time really does fly.
I encourage my guys to use the opportunity, whether getting Scalp Micropigmentation, Dermatude Metatherapy (skin conditioning and skin needling treatment) or cosmetic tattooing, to take the opportunity to chill out and relax. 
One of the things I love about cosmetic tattooing is that we arent just adding colour, we're adding shape and definition, and can actually make the lips look bigger.
With a skilled cosmetic tattooing artist, you can add upto 20% to the lips by redesigning the upper and lower lip line. It doesn't give the infamous "trout pout" either, as we arent adding volume to the actual lips, instead we're adding pigment to the natural flow of the upper and lower lip and enhancing the natural shape. 
You can see with this picture, how Miriam has extended my lips, so she is actually tattooing in the lips as well as the dermis just above and below, to give a more pronounced and fuller appearance. 
We were also able to disguise the sunburn scars and discolouration that can occur as we age. My lips were always dry and I had discoloured sections from sunburn that occurred years ago. We were able to tattoo over the damage and blend it really well with the remainder of the lip.


Cosmetic tattooing of the lips and eyebrows isnt a fast process, my sessions were about two hours for the lips and then another two hours for the eyebrows. 
We encourage our guys to get these procedures done and then take the rest of the day off - dont hit the gym or do anything strenuous, just go home and chill.
You will need some cotton tips and Bepanthum, which you can buy from Replique, and we will go through the after care with you - it's very simple. Just use the Bepanthum on the cotton tip and smear lightly over the brows and lips four times a day. Never let them dry out. Unlike other tattoos, there was no scabbing, but I was diligent to keep them moist. 
The pigment will fade by about 30% to 40% over the next few days. I found the lips and brows were quite dark for the first three days, so I wore clear glasses as I was a bit self conscious of how dark the brows were, but when I showed mates they all said the colour looked natural. But just remember, they are a considerably darker for the first three days or so.
Friday appointments book out quite quickly as guys want to use the weekend to let the colour soften before heading back to work on the monday. 




Consultation: No charge
Feather Stroke Brows: $560
Consultation: No charge
Lip Line: $340. Lip Line and Blend: $430. Full Lips: $590


I love it! Please keep in mind, im almost 50 years old, and I grew up in Australia in the 70s and 80s before sun protection was recognised as a heath issue, so my skin is sun damaged, but I look at mates who are my age who don't moisturise or get anti aging treatments done, and I see a VAST difference in how we are aging.  
Cosmetic tattooing has definitely added a frame to my face with stronger eyebrows, and added back a more youthful appearance with fuller looking lips. 




Here are some of my favorite videos that feature male cosmetic tattooing for eye brows and lips. Enjoy! If you have any questions at all on cosmetic tattooing for men, please feel free to text or call me on my direct number 0498 988 131. Cheers Scott
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