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Interested in a Scalp Micropigmentation consultation or booking in  Sydney in Brisbane?
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Miriam is not only an experienced SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation, artist, but she also has over ten years experience working with men and women in Brisbane for paramedical and cosmetic tattooing and has utilised the skills to do many hair replacement tattoos as well as beard tattooing.

Miriams clinic is in the Watkins building in Spring Hill, very close to Replique first Brisbane location which was in Fortitude Valley. 

Over the past few years we have seen Scalp Micropigmentation grow in popularity, and unfortunately we have also seen many people offering the service without experience or adequate training.

At Replique SMP clinic we had many clients who had the treatment done elsewhere, with fake looking hairlines, blow outs and discolouration and we would need to send them for tattoo removal before recommencing work on their scalp for fresh, natural looking Scalp Micropigmentation.



Miriam and Scott are two of the most experienced Scalp Micropigmentation artists in Australia. They both studied the technique in 2016 and Miriam had many years experience as a Cosmetic Tattoo artist and both approached SMP from a conservative and cautious perspective.

Our job is to not only create the appearance of a full head of fresh looking stubble, but to also make the clients hairline look natural and not obvious. 

Below are just a few of Miriams 5 Star Reviews from happy clients. If you are after a quote, or want to learn more about hair tattoos in Brisbane, feel free to text or call Scott or Miriam today and we can give you an idea of pricing and what is the best package for you.

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What to expect from your Scalp Micropigmentation treatment?

Getting SMP or a hair tattoo is very different to getting body art tattoos. It is more like cosmetic tattooing and requires precision and a cautious approach.

While traditional body tattooing is quite abrasive and painful, Scalp Micropigmentation is only 0.5mm into the epidermis.

Having come from a cosmetic tattoo background in Brisbane, Miriam is very experienced at performing light and delicate treatments where the smp needle barely touches the skin. Miriams touch is very gentle and her clients very at ease. The clinic is very private and discrete and clients are immediately made to feel welcome.

We like to do an in person or FaceTime consult. This is where we can discuss the clients expectations and budget and pencil in a few option for the SMP hairline. 

We prefer to do the hairline slightly recessed and in a graduated formation so it doesn't look too harsh or fake.

Most of our clients choose the Intro Package, this is a long lasting option with two large sessions followed by two touch up sessions.

Good Scalp Micropigmentation is like painting a wall. Session 1 is like the undercoat on a wall and session 2 is the top coat.

Some clients prefer to do the two sessions spaced a few days apart or a week apart, then we offer a touch up of one hour, after a month, then another one hour touch up after 12 months.

The Intro package is $2800 and paid in installments of a $300 deposit then $1250 after session 1 and $1250 after session 2.

This is by far our most popular SMP package in Brisbane and Sydney because it is amazing value but it also allows clients to build up the density at their pace and not be forced into a strict schedule. 

Do you have questions about how SMP can give you back the appearance of a full head of hair? Call or message on the numbers below

Interested in a Scalp Micropigmentation consultation or booking in  Sydney in Brisbane?
Affordable SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Transplant Alternative Sydney.jpeg
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Scott and Miriam both started doing Scalp Micropigmentation in Brisbane in 2016. Since then they have done countless client with SMP treatments for scars and hair replacement.

Scott and Miriam actually studies SMP together in Brisbane and have the same passion, enthusiasm and strive for perfection that has led us both to be highly respected hair tattoo artists.


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