Does this officially make me the Dermatude dude? Sorry, dad humour. I can feel my 18 year old son rolling his eyes as I type this! 
Im pretty passionate about helping guys look better. I noticed it years ago when I helped a few mates (and mates of mates) that I had a real passion for improving their physical appearance and also their emotional state. I personally am a big advocate that if you look good, you feel great! 
After years in the marketing industry, Im pretty good at debunking marketing myths. At Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic,  I refuse to take on a product or service unless it delivers tangible results to my guys. The health, beauty and hair loss industries are crammed full of products that are basically sold on hope and hype and I don't want that to be a factor for guys at my clinic, so Ive been very selective about what skin conditioning treatment I was going to take on.
dermatude metatherapy 18 point carbin needle
Skin Needling is a very impressive breakthrough in the Anti Aging movement. It's brilliant for skin rejuvenation, creating firmer and tighter skin. It's also beneficial in helping to remove acne scars and lines. 
Scott Hickman from Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic, mid treatment 
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There are a lot of options in treatment types and I really wanted something with immediate results and no downtime - pretty hard ask hey! Skin Needling has come a lot way since the "roller" method, but many of the needling machines really cause a long downtime and damage to the dermis. I wanted results from the Skin Needling product that would leave my guys feeling great but without needing to take time off work to recover.
After a long search I decided to use Dermatide Metatherapy as the exclusive Skin Needling system in Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic. Its got a great reputation, has minimal downtime and the subjectables that are used in conjunction with the treatment are exceptional.  
Here are some photos from my first Dermatide Metatherapy session. We started by cleansing the skin, then I had an enzyme peel, which removed further impuritries, then a Dermatude Toning session, which balanced my skin PH.
Then we moved on to the actual treatment! Dermatude Metatherapy uses a carbine 18 point needle which is an effective way to cause micro perforations into the basal layer of the demis. Other Deramal Skin Needling therapies use steel needles - this is one of the big differences in Dermatude Metatherapy. We use carbine needles that are effective but dont cause abrasive damage to the epidermis. Dermatude Metatherapy is effective but far more gentle than other Skin Needling treatments. 
I chose to use an anesthetic on my forehead and under my eyes as they are quite sensitive, but many of our clients forgo this and breathe through any discomfort of the actual needling process.
We decided to use The Active Hydra Booster subjectable. The Active Hydra Booster is a powerful anti-aging cream full of active ingredients like shea butter, Helianthus Annuus Seed oil and Sodium Hyaluronate, a smaller molecule than Hyaluronic acid, facilitating easier absorption into the skin. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the connective tissue, which is able to hold up to thirty times its volume in water, which makes the skin appear thicker and fuller.
Slight redness was starting to appear as the Dermatude Metatherapy created micro perforations on the skin. 
The Active Hydra Booster is gently spread over the surface of the face then used with the 18 point needle to penetrate the micro perforations and apply the subjectables into the dermis.
I'd seen enough Skin Needling procedures to know that it is an odd, awkward or even painful experience, but I also knew it was brief and just one part of the Dermatude experience, which over was quite relaxing and luxurious.
After the 18 point Skin Needling part of the treatment, we moved to my favorite part - the mask! Dermatude Intense Restorer Mask is a respite into utter luxury. Every time one of our clients has the mask applied their shoulders ease back, their breathing slows and their skin absorbs the active ingredients of the subjectable. The mask cools the skin, soothes and reduces redness. 
The carbine needles, and the Intense Restorer Mask are two very important factors that have wiped days out of the recovery period for this form of Skin Needling, and it's certainly one of the reasons why I chose it above other Skin Needling programs for Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic. 
A few hours after the treatment and the redness was fading
After just one session with Dematude Metatherapy, Im hooked. The most popular program is one treatment per week for four weeks then one treatment per fortnight for four fortnights, then once every four to six weeks. 
Prices vary from $200 per treatment but with discounts for pre paid programs
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Glowing! This photo convinced me to book another session. Cant wait to see the continued results

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