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What are the True Benefits of Regular Massage?

Replique Male Anti-Aging Clinic in Brisbane offers services that make our guys look amazing, but they also make them feel great.!


Perhaps non-more so than our relaxation massages. Our Male focussed Brisbane clinic offers a variety of massages, catering to the busy man who needs to chill out and unwind.


Replique Male Anti-Aging Clinic Massage Therapist, Santiago, was actually a plastic surgery nurse in his native Colombia, and offers an educated and skilled touch when it comes to remedial and relaxing massages.


We asked Santiago what he believes to be the most beneficial aspects of regularly having massage.


“There are many benefits, obviously having a massage is very relaxing and soothing, it allows you to slow down, unwind and completely relax”. Says Santiago, “but having regular massages actually puts you more in touch with your body. This is especially important if you are an athlete or are putting your body and mind at stress by working long hours. “


We have many men come to our Brisbane clinic for regular massages, when they work with a trained massage therapist, they can monitor how their body feels and heals from session to session.


“Regular massage is a great way to test how your body is recovering, so you can then seek additional treatment from a Doctor, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist etc, if you feel that the body isn’t healing well” Says Santiago.”


While we do many facial treatments at Replique, including the unique Furry Facial for guys with beards, we find it is relaxation massages that have the greatest impact on our clients reducing their stress levels.


We do an amazing 60-minute relaxation massage”, says Santaigo, “this includes hot towel pressure, then a warming balm and relaxation lotion.”


Having a massage like this can encourage endorphins to be released, endorphins are a feel-good chemical that have a lasting effect on the body and can be often also be released during intense sporting activities. Likewise, it’s claimed that stress inducing hormones such as cortisol are actually reduced in times when the body is in a relaxed state, such as when having a massage.


Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic offers Male Remedial and Relaxation Massage, priced from:


One Hour Massage is normally $99. Limited time offer is $49

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