What an amazing difference it makes to see a client wearing a Semi Permanent Hair Piece from The Replique Clinic in Brisbane. These guys look so much younger and happier!

Replique's men's hair systems are an easy Hair Replacement option and a great hair Transplant Alternative. 

The Semi Permanent Hair Pieces are made of 100% Human Hair and have a thin membrane that is bonded onto the scalp and will last, fused to the scalp for up to one month.


Most clients leave their Semi Permanent Hair Piece on for one month, then come to the Replique Clinic in Brisbane to have the piece removed, cleaned, rebonded and styled. We offer plenty of men's hair piece styles to choose from so you are sure to find one to suit you. If you are you more of a DIY guy? No problem! We can teach you how to clean and rebond your piece also. 

Adrian & Adriano

Deciding on a Semi Permanent Hair Piece as a hair loss solution can be daunting, not only in learning how to adhere it and adjust to having a full set of hair again, but also in how to transition from hair loss to awesome hair. Most guys are really nervous about how much grief their mates will give them, what their wives or partners will think and how to explain it to colleagues. but these are all short term worries. 

Part of what we do at Replique, is not only replicate hair and solve hair loss issues, but we also help you to work out the best game plan to transition to having a full head of hair. Want to read a few tips on this? We've written a great article in our blog,  read here....

Owner of Replique, Scott Hickman, has been wearing Hair Pieces for a long time and is an expert at hair loss solutions. Feel free to call him on his personal number: 0498 988 131 if you want to discuss options and ideas to see if any of our hair loss solutions will work with you and your lifestyle. 

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