Looking old as you age is just a part of life?
We don't think so! 
The Anti Aging Movement is a multi billion dollar industry that invests heavily in slowing or reversing the signs of aging.
DERMATUDE METATHERAPY is an enormous break through in the anti aging process.
DERMATUDE METATHERAPY takes key benefits of traditional anti aging solutions such as skin needling, facials, peels and microdermabrasion and provides a fast acting, long lasting, personalised anti aging breakthrough. 
DERMATUDE METATHERAPY works by creating invisible micro perforations in the skin in a quick, safe, and painless way. This stimulates the natural healing mechanism to produce collagen and elastin, which repair the micro-perforations. This is a completely natural process.
The skin becomes more firm and more elastic. Fine lines and wrinkles fade, pores refine, the blood circulation is stimulated and the overall skin condition improves.
Results can be seen after just one treatment! The micro perforations reach the basal cell layer, where new cells are created. There is no chance on the forming of subcutaneous scar tissue. DERMATUDE METATHERAPY is extremely effective and safe. There are no short or long-term adverse effects with repeated applications.
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  • Painless Treatment
  • Short Treatment Time
  • Immediate Visible Results
  • No Anesthesias Required
  • No Downtime - Recovery in a few hours (just looks like slight sunburn for a few hours)


The full men's facial treatment focuses on the the whole face/and or neck/and or decollete, and is aimed at skin improvement and skin rejuvenation. 
Your skin will have a better structure , finer pores, become firmer, regain it's elasticity and look younger. 
After treatment, your skin may show some redness, but this will disappear within a few hours. You will be able to get back to your daily activities or go straight back to work.
The best results are achieved on a freshly shaved face, but if you're committed to your beard or stubble, we can work around it. 


  • One treatment per week, for four weeks
  • One treatment per fortnight, for two months
  • Periodic treatments as needed, ie once every six weeks.


Prices vary from $200 per treatment but with discounts for pre paid programs
The skin becomes more firm and more elastic. Fine lines and wrinkles fade, pores refine, the blood circulation is stimulated and the overall skin condition improves.


DERMATUDE METATHERAPY is a process of creating micro perforations to the basal layer of the dermis, in a clinical setting, that cause the skin to heal and repair and promotes the stimulation of collagen and elastin, two key factors that keep the skin looking firm, tight and fresh. We stop producing collagen in our early thirties, but DERMATUDE METATHERAPY reactivates the dormant collagen which leads to the skin looking fuller, tighter and younger.


Soft music, relaxing aromas and wonderful ambience. Most of our clients drift to sleep towards the end of the treatment and come away with their skin rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • We commence with an Oxygen Boost Cleanser to remove impurities.
  • We proceed to a Soft Radiance Enymatic Peel, which soothes and hydrates the skin in addition to being a gentle but effective enzymatic exfoliant.
  • Then we use an Oxygen Boost Toner to restore the PH balance to the skin. Both of these steps involve the use of Revitalin, which increases oxygen absorbtion into the cells. 
  • We then use a range of Subjectables on different treatment areas to reach beyond the barrier layer.
  • After the Meta Therapy, the skin is still open for another 10 to 15 minutes, which means an even more effective release of active ingredients. We achieve this with our Intense Restorer Facial Masks. Because the masks are 500x finer than tissue masks, the Intense Restore Facial Masks instantly lock in moisture into the skin for deep and powerful results.


While other deep action skin treatments, such as Skin Needling or Skin Rolling, will require days of recovery due to the harsh abrasion of the devices used, DERMATUDE METATHERAPY is an immediate recovery treatment, with just some light redness where the skin has reacted to the treatment. This looks like slight sunburn and fades within hours leaving a clean and regenerated complexion. 


The DERMATUDE METATHERAPY equipment is light and gentle, we find there are some areas of the face that are slightly more sensitive to the treatment, such as under the eyes, and some people choose to use an anesthetic to alleviate this.
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