"Really!... I mean...really?"
That was my response from a few years ago, when a doctor friend of mine told me I should get my lips tattooed to give them definition. Sure, I'd had some botox before, you get to an age and it's inevitable (but believe me, its never too young to start considering how to combat the aging process!). While I knew about some beauty improvement techniques, I'd never heard of guys getting their lips tattooed before.
My Doctor friend had just come back from LA and they really are steps ahead from us in cosmetic procedures. He said it's generally recommended to compliment any kind of lips work because lip fillers aren't going to give you colour or sharp definition. 
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It's interesting because years later, when I started doing Scalp Micropigmentation at Replique Male Anti Aging Clinic, and I'd tell people I did "mens cosmetic tattooing" (meaning Scalp Micropigmentation) and guys would say "can you do my lips?" or "can you do my brows?". I didn't know how many guys coloured or penciled in their brows, I thought I was the only one who hated having pale brows and washed out, undistinguished lips. 
It's taken some trial and error and Im proud to say we're pretty expert in now doing brows and lips. I work with a senior technician, Miriam Rojas D, who has perfected the subtle blend to make sure the tattooed brows and lips are luscious and natural looking, but still really pack an impact.


Feather stroke? Block? Powdered? Microblade?
Argh!!!!!!! It's a whole new world! Don't worry, we've done the work for you and know that the best kind of eyebrow cosmetic tattoo treatment for guys, is Feather Stroke. This technique can be slower than others, but it's worth the extra time it takes. We will essentially tattoo on each stroke, so it appears to be an eyebrow hair. 
Woman have been using cosmetic tattoos for years to enhance their natural eyebrows, and it's a logical leap that guys also want to benefit from this aesthetic advantage. 
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Ive got many friends who are salon owners and they've seen a huge upsurge in guys getting their brows and lashes tinted. Eyebrow tinting is great - it adds colour back to faded brows. But eyebrow tinting wont add any colour where you don't have brows, that's where male cosmetic tattooing really comes to the fore.  
Cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows can add volume and length. Traditionally our most popular eyebrow tattooing for men follows a pattern where we add texture between the tips of the two brows, so they are defined and masculine. Then we add volume throughout the length of the brow and extend the tip - this gives the face a very powerful but natural frame. 
We carefully match the pigment colour, stroke width and growing pattern of your existing eyebrows to give a seamless blend. 
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Eyes and Brows
During the consultation we match pigment and draw on a temporary model of the tattooed eyebrows, so you can guide our technician on exactly what you want. Once we proceed to the treatment, we shape the brow if needed, before tattooing with the feather stroke technique.


I want you to look in the mirror, up you go. Don't close the page, just hop up and look in the mirror. Look at your top lip, do you have a pointy "M" just under your nostrils? if you do you're either:
A. Under 30
B. Very Lucky
C. Had some work done (good for you!)
This little section on the top lip is called the "Cupid's Bow", and it's pronounced when we are young, and then diminishes as we age.
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Our lips become thinner, the outline between the lip and skin blurs and our lips look in-distinguished. Guys, women have been fixing this problem for years and now it's our turn.
Mens cosmetic tattooing of lips can give definition, add volume and take years off.
When we do a consultation we match pigment tone and define your preferred shape. Due to the advanced cosmetic tattooing equipment we use, we are also able to actual extend the upper and lower part of the lips, so they appear larger. 
Im thrilled to be able to offer cosmetic tattooing of mens lips and brows at Replique Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Clinic. Our aim is to improve and compliment our clients natural features with a masculine enhancements that take years off. 


Consultation: No charge
Lip Line: $340
Lip Line and Blend: $430
Full Lips: $590
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Consultation: No charge
Feather Stroke Brows: $560
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